Machining thread history

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Machining thread history
thread grinding

The application of the thread principle can be traced back to the spiral water lifting tool created by Greek scholar Archimedes in 220 BC.
In the 4th century AD, the Mediterranean coastal countries started to apply the principle of bolts and nuts on presses for winemaking. At that time, the external thread was wound around a cylindrical bar with a string and then marked with this mark while the internal thread was often hammered with a softer material wrapped around the external thread.
Around 1500, sketches of thread-processing devices drawn by the Italian Leonardo da Vinci have been used to envisage the use of a master screw and an exchange gear for machining different pitch threads. Since then, the method of mechanical thread cutting has developed in the European watchmaking industry.
In 1760, the British brothers J. Wyatt and W. Wyatt obtained patents for cutting threads wood screws with specialized devices.
In 1778, the British J. Ramsden had made a thread cutting device driven by a worm gear pair, which could produce long threads with high precision.
In 1797, the Englishman H. Mozley laid the basic method of turning threads on his modified lathe, using the female lead screw and the exchange gear to turn out different pitch metal threads.
In the 1820s, Mosley manufactured the first taps and dies for threading.
At the beginning of the 20th century, the development of the automobile industry further promoted the standardization of threading and the development of various precision and high-efficiency thread processing methods. Various automatic spreading dies and automatic shrinking taps were successively invented, and thread milling began to be applied.
In the early 1930s, thread grinding occurred. Although the thread rolling technology was patented in the early 19th century, it was slow to develop due to the difficulty of mold making.
Until World War II (1942 ~ 1945), because of the need for arms production and the development of thread grinding technology, the accuracy of mold manufacturing was solved and rapid development was achieved.