Every year we manufacture hundreds of thousands of bolts, nuts, screws and Associated Parts in accordance with customers' own drawings.  
Cold forging is a manufacturing process where a bar stock is inserted into a die and squeezed with a second closed die. The deformation starts at room temperature and changes the shape and size of the initial part until it has assumed the shape of the die.
Cold Forging Benefits
This is a highly automated manufacturing process and parts can be made economically. Cold forging technology offers cost and quality benefits over machined components
Another benefit of cold forging is the lack of grain growth and therefore perfectly aligned to the shape of the part metal grains with an exceptionally strong and resistant surface.
Not all products can be cold forged,there are limits on diameter, length and - in some cases - complexity.
ShengFe engineering department can quickly assess customer drawings to see if they are suitable to be cold forged.