ShengFe believe that the ability to measure is equally as important as it is to manufacture. To ensure high quality machined components, we have detailed quality control systems, paired with some of the most advanced measuring equipment that the market has to offer.
Our company is ISO9001:2008 certified , ensuring that our procedures and processes are strictly adhered to with a continued guarantee of quality.
From receiving raw materials, to component completion and shipping, we control every process to ensure that the final product is shipped to the customer’s specifications. All products undergo the following steps during the manufacturing process:
Raw material inspection
First off approval
In process inspection
Final inspection and protective packaging
Outgoing inspection
To your door delivery
All final inspection processes are conducted in a temperature controlled, clean room.
Our Measuring Equipment
Contact / Non-contact coordinate measuring machine (C.M.M)
Optical comparator with surface illumination
Concentricity measurement
Thread ring gauges
Thread plug gauges
Pin gauges
Digital micrometers
Digital Vernier callipers
Surface roughness tester with print out capability