Our company was established in 1999.Operating from a small shop in ShenZhen with 2 CNC Milling Machines and 2 CNC Lathe.Since those early days, the company has grown steadily including a move to DongGuan. ShengFe is a professional manufacturer of custom precision metal parts.We can offer different parts in different processes.
Our Services
CNC Turning
CNC Milling
Cold Forging  
Laser Marking  
Surface Treatment...
Our advantages: Our supply system is not limited in our own production.
We have developed relationships with companies all over China, and can navigate their complex business environment.As manufacturers, ShengFe understands the quality control and production concerns that need to be reviewed when sourcing parts from suppliers. Our experience sourcing and exporting means we have the ability and connections to get the right parts produced by the right supplier. ShengFe Manufacturer works to ensure material quality levels are meet, delivery deadlines are achieved and our customers get the parts they need at the lowest prices.
Our goal
Precision Machining Services for all Industries.