2D CNC Milling logo in Practice

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-30 09:35

2D CNC Milling logo in Practice
2D CNC milling is performed using a model that determines the position of the cutting tool on a two-dimensional horizontal plane. However, in order to actually make a cut, we also have to move the tool vertically. The amount of material that can be re- moved per pass is limited, so we have to program multiple vertical and lateral passes to complete each job. After all, milling would be an extremely limited process if it didn’t enable us to to cut to different depths in different places.
To give us the flexibility we need, a milling machine is equipped with a third, ver- tical axis of movement. However, because a 2D model includes no data regarding the depth of the cut, this has to be entered manually. The 2D workpiece in section 2.11.6 was made without the use of complex CAD or CAM software. In fact, a sim- ple drawing application and a plotter driver can produce a plot file that does the
same job.
2D CNC milling is ideal for producing all types of signs and boards like the Perspex logo shown in figure 4.1. This is also a great way to create custom gifts, place tags, or even visiting cards made from carbon reinforced plastic.
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