Raw Materials suit for CNC milling

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-29 10:10

Raw Materials suit for CNC milling
 CNC milling
Any material that is hard enough to produce chips when cut is suitable for milling.
The shorter the chips a material produces, the easier it is to mill and the simpler it
is to remove chips from the work area. If a chip doesn’t quickly break off the work-
piece, it will create wire that is likely to wrap around the tool or the spindle, thus
reducing cutting power. Material that is too soft will simply smear instead of pro-
ducing chips and will also interfere with the cutter.
The following raw materials are ideal for experimenting with:
•Multiplex board
•Laminated wood
•Solid wood
•Carbon fiber board
•Glass fiber board
•Aramid fiber board
•Copper plate