CNC milling Safety principle

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-27 07:56

CNC milling Safety principle
The most obvious health risk stems from the motor and the tools attached to it. If
you need to do anything at all close to the motor, make sure it is switched off and
that it cannot be accidentally switched on. If you touch the switch in error, or
someone else plugs in the machine without warning, or if the machine is still con-
nected to the control computer, it can rev up to full power within a couple of sec-
onds and cause serious injury in the process.
If you are using a powerful motor (500W or more) and/or a large diameter cut-
ter, these can easily get tangled up with long hair, clothing, and jewelry. Never wear
loose clothing or jewelry (rings or chains) when working with a milling machine.
Always tie back long hair or use a hairnet.
If a workpiece isn’t properly fastened down, a milling machine can easily rip it
out of its clamps and fling it around the workshop. A flying workpiece can be just
as dangerous as a bullet or a spinning blade. If you are working on hard or brittle
material, a rotating cutting tool will produce chips or splinters that fly around the
place and can easily end up in the operator’s eyes. Always wear protective goggles
or mount your machine in a suitable enclosure.
Cuts are less serious but occur more frequently. New cutters are sharp and can
quickly cut to the bone like a scalpel if not handled properly, even when they are
not rotating!
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