CNC milling Dust Removal

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-23 14:26

CNC milling Dust Removal
When you are machining materials that produce hazardous dust, a dust removal or
underwater milling system is a must, not an option. Using a home vacuum cleaner
is not sufficient and will probably make the situation worse by simply blowing the
dust out the back and distributing it all around your workshop. Furthermore,
milling produces sparks that mix with oxygen in the air stream and can cause fires
inside the vacuum cleaner.
Contrary to popular opinion, the HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance)
filters often used to filter pollen in home vacuum cleaners are of no use for milling.
Pollen particles measure between several hundredths and several tenths of a mil-
limeter, while the dust particles proudced by milling processes can be as small as
just a few nanometers, which is small enough to pass straight through a HEPA fil-
A purpose-built separator that eliminates fire hazards and filters out coarse
waste is a good solution, but a home vacuum is not suitable for use with a milling
machine that is in regular use. The answer here is a purpose-built industrial vac-
uum that is certified for specific types of dust and for continuous operation.
Purpose-built sleeves that surround the tool are an effective way to collect fly-
ing dust and chips, and any excess dust can be removed using a brush while you
CNC milling