Processing method of forming surface

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-10 10:38

Processing method of forming surface
 broaching or grindingturning,milling,planing
The parts with the forming surface are used quite a lot, such as the hand handle of the machine tool, the cam on the camshaft of the internal combustion engine, the blade of the turbine and so on, all of which are the parts with the forming surface.
There are many machining methods for forming faces, such as turning, milling, planing, broaching or grinding. These processing methods can be classified into two basic ways:
(1) the forming surface is processed directly with the cutting tool, which is in accordance with the shape of the workpiece. The movement and structure of the machine tool are simple and the operation is simple. However, the manufacturing and grinding of cutting tools are more complicated (especially the form milling cutter and broach), and the cost is higher. Moreover, the application of this method is limited by the size of the forming surface of the workpiece, and is not suitable for machining the workpiece with relatively wide rigidity and poor forming.
(2) turning the forming surface with a profiling device using tool and workpiece for specific relative motion is one of them. In addition, manual, hydraulic profiling devices or numerical control devices can be used to control the specific relative movement between the tool and workpiece.
Using tool and workpiece to make special relative movement to form the forming surface, the cutter is relatively simple, and the dimension of the forming surface is larger. However, the motion and structure of machine tools are complex and costly.
The processing method of the forming surface should be selected according to the size, shape and production volume of the parts.