Advantages and disadvantages of thread rolling

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-08 11:17

Advantages and disadvantages of thread rolling
 thread rolling
Forming rolling molds to plastically deform workpieces to obtain threading methods Thread rolling is usually performed on a rolling machine reeling machine or on an automatic lathe attached with an automatic opening and closing thread rolling head, suitable for mass production standards External threads of fasteners and other threaded couplings.
1 The surface roughness is less than turning, milling and grinding;
2 After rolling, the surface of the thread can be hardened to improve the strength and hardness;
3 high material utilization rate;
4 Productivity has grown exponentially over cutting, and is easy to automate;
5 rolling die life is very long.
1.However, the rolling thread requires that the hardness of the workpiece material does not exceed HRC40;
2.the dimensional accuracy of the blank is required to be high;
3.the precision and hardness of the rolling die are also required to be high, and the manufacture of the die is difficult;
4.and it is not suitable for asymmetric thread rolling.