How to determine the origin of the part when machining cnc turned parts?

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-08 11:26

How to determine the origin of the part when machining cnc turned parts

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In CNC turning, the origin of the part should be determined first to establish an accurate machining coordinate system, taking into account the influence of the different dimensions of the tool on the machining. All of these need to be solved with a knife.
(1) Normal tool setting means manual tool setting using relative position detection on the machine tool. The following describes the tool setting method with the Z-direction counter knife as an example.
After the tool is installed, first move the tool to cut the right end of the workpiece, and then retract the tool in the X direction. Input the distance N between the right end surface and the machining origin into the CNC system. This completes the tool Z process. The manual tool setting method is the basic tool setting method, but it still does not jump out of the “cutting-measurement-adjusting” tool setting mode of the traditional lathe and takes up more time on the machine tool. This method is relatively backward.
(2) The essence of the off-machine tool setting tool is to measure the X and Z direction distances between the tool imaginary tool tip point and the tool table datum. With the external tool setting tool, the tool can be pre-calibrated outside the machine tool so that the tool length can be used after the tool length is input to the corresponding tool compensation number.
(3) The automatic tool setting is achieved by the tool tip detection system. The tool tip approaches the touch sensor at a set speed. When the tool tip touches the sensor and sends a signal, the numerical control system immediately records the coordinate value of the instant, and Automatically correct the tool offset value.