What is the advantage of CNC turning proccess?

Source:shengfe Date:2018-04-29 23:57

What is the advantage of CNC turning proccess?
CNC turning CNC turning
1, easy to ensure the position of the workpiece surface processing accuracy
For example, easy to guarantee coaxiality requirements
Using a chuck to install the workpiece, the axis of rotation is the axis of rotation of the lathe spindle
Using the front and rear top-mounted workpieces, the axis of rotation is the center of the two top connections
Easily ensure that the perpendicularity between the end face and the axis is perpendicular to the axis of the workpiece by the horizontal guide rail
2, the cutting process is relatively smooth to avoid the inertia force and impact force, allowing the use of a larger amount of cutting, high-speed cutting, which will help increase productivity.
3, for non-ferrous metal parts finishing
When the surface roughness of non-ferrous metal parts requires a large Ra value, it is not appropriate to use grinding, turning or milling. When using a diamond turning tool for fine cars, a higher quality can be achieved.
4, simple tools
Turning tools, sharpening and installation are all convenient.