What is CNC Turning?

Source:shengfe Date:2018-04-26 02:04

What is CNC Turning?
CNC Turning

Turning is a machining process used to make cylindrical parts, where the cutting tool moves in a linear fashion while the workpiece rotates. Engineers have to find mechanical solutions that can make complex designs possible. Within an assembly that you may see and use every day, every single part interacts with every other. This is true of cars, Smart phones, aircraft, and so on; the possibilities are endless.
A CNC Lathe is a machine on which material turns around an axis at high speed, and where cutting tools driven by computer software are moved to cut away excessive material to get the expected part. The CNC Turning Machinist receives the blueprint. Then he/she uses the Lathe in many ways to find solutions in order to build the part. These machines are very expensive, because they can do remarkable things. To have an idea of this, think what it means to achieve accuracy below 10 microns, which is six times thinner than a human hair.
The CNC Turning Machinist has to use a computer to tell the Lathe how to move the tools and cut the part. He also has to set up the Lathe with all the cutting tools. These tools can cut almost every material (stainless steel, plastic, soft steel, aluminium, bronze, and so on) but we have to choose well by our experiences.