cnc turned parts-Draw-in collet

Source:shengfe Date:2018-08-13 17:31

cnc turned parts-Draw-in collet
Special collets are made for the Myford ML7, Super 7 and ML10 lathes. These are Morse taper collets but, rather than having a drawbar, they are closed with a nose ring that fits over a groove in the collet.
The nose ring tightens the collet into the headstock mandrel’s Morse taper. It is extracted after use by undoing the nose piece, which draws the collet out from the Morse taper by the nose groove. Imperial and metric collets are available up to ½in (12mm) diameter.
Dead length collets are available that fit into an attachment usually fixed to the front of the lathe’s mandrel. These collets are called dead length because they do not move longitudinally, unlike draw-in collets. You are more likely to find collets like these second-hand rather than new.
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