cnc turned parts -Turning a Flywheel

Source:shengfe Date:2018-08-10 16:36

cnc turned parts -Turning a Flywheel
One of the main uses of a faceplate is turning a large diameter iron casting, typically a flywheel or a locomotive wheel for a steam engine. The flywheel should be mounted so that the inner edge of the rim and the outer edge of the hub run true. If
either of them runs out, it would be better that the hub runs out as the rim will be more noticeable on the finished engine.
Clamp the flywheel down with some packing under the spokes so that you can turn right across the rim. Be careful that you clamp the flywheel tight enough so that it does not move, but not so tight that it distorts.
Rough turn the outside diameter and face the rim using the back gear. Using a direct drive speed, drill and bore the centre hole, and either finish off with the bor- ing tool or use a ream. Don’t try reaming without boring; the chances are that if you do, the hole will not be true with the rim as the drill probably did not cut an accurate hole. Drop down to the top back gear speed; face the rim and turn the out- side of the rim to the finished diameter. Turn the flywheel over and finish the other face to width.
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