how to held on an adjustable angle plate with CNC milling

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how to held on an adjustable angle plate with CNC milling
All four sides of the box are tapered, so when machining the holes with a small- diameter cutter, it is important that the cutter ‘sees’ a flat side so that it takes the same depth of cut as it moves around, particularly at the beginning of the cut. To achieve this, the box was clamped to a tilting angle plate and arranged so that the top face was horizontal (Fig. 7-7). That helped preserve the life of the little cutter.
Note that because the table was more conveniently secured across the table, the program cuts the sockets in line fore and aft, although the completed box will sit with the sockets running left to right (Fig. 7-4).
MDF and other composite boards are ideal for fixtures that use locating pins, and where machining forces are low. They are not so good where work is to be secured using woodscrews or machine screws, or where cutting forces are larg- er. Avoid securing workpieces by woodscrews alone; they will move.
Tool life can often be extended, and the quality of a machined surface improved, by using appropriate coolant and lubricant. such as soluble oil or neat cutting oil. Choose the coolant to suit the characteristics of the material being machined. Soluble oil is a mixture of water and a specially designed oil, and is an effective
coolant for high speed steel tools machining steel.
Neat cutting oil is usually thicker than soluble oil, and it acts both as a coolant and a lubricant. It can be applied in the same way. Other coolants include white spirit or water, for aluminium; and some spe- cially formulated liquids designed to resist the pressures of machining hard
Protect yourself against coolant being sprayed, and avoid inhalation of vapours from coolants. Contact and inhalation are detrimental to health, so you should wear protective clothing and appropriate breathing apparatus. Carbide tools are designed to cut dry, as are some other tools which carry a metallurgical coating. Some of these tools may tolerate flood coolant, but can be damaged by an intermittent or trickle supply of coolant.
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