CNC turning Hazardous Materials

Source:shengfe Date:2018-06-04 10:33

CNC turning Hazardous Materials 
The raw material itself is one of the least obvious potential sources of hazards. Dust from composite fibers and certain types of wood can cause cancer or fibrosis. Oak and beech dust are known to be carcinogenic. Note that beech is often present in MDF and other composite wood products.
If you are working with potentially hazardous materials, make sure your dust ex- traction system is up to the job. If your home vacuum cleaner isn’t certified for use with certain classes of dust, it is not sufficient.
If you are working on carcinogenic material, be sure to use a class H extraction system. Note also that certain types of dust cannot be simply disposed of with domes- tic refuse. An efficient extraction system is no use if you end up inhaling a cloud of deadly dust when you dispose of your waste.
But don’t panic! The guidelines listed here are aimed at people who regularly spend long periods working with machine tools. In many cases, you can prevent
CNC turning