CNC machining Fire Hazards

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-31 10:34

CNC machining Fire Hazards
CNC machining often produces very high temperatures. Incorrectly used or worn- out cutters especially can get so hot that the chips they produce catch fire. If you use a vacuum system to remove chips, red hot chips mixing with oxygen- rich air can easily cause a serious fire. Metal chips can create pockets of glowing embers in the collection unit.
If your dust removal system isn’t sufficiently powerful, you can end up with a dangerously high dust concentration in the air. If this concentration is high enough and the dust extremely fine, contact with a single spark can cause a dust explosion, which can be strong enough to destroy an entire house.
Freshly machined workpieces can reach temperatures of several hundred degrees, which can cause serious burns. Make sure you are aware of the risks before you begin work, and always make sure you have an in-date fire extinguisher close by.
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