Build your own CNC Router

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-31 10:24

Build your own CNC Router
Getting set up with your own machine involves either a lot of effort (home-build), a lot of money (purchasing a new machine), or both!
Increasing demands on precision, speed, and the size of workpieces that can be machined makes the choice of hobby-grade machines increasingly narrow. You can always get a commercial shop to machine your parts for you, but this only makes economical sense if one or more of the following conditions are fulfilled:
You only need to produce a few parts
Your model is completely finished and you don’t need to produce more
prototypes to achieve your desired result
You need to stick to tolerances that your own machine cannot provide
Your part is made of a material that your own machine cannot process
As well as the machine itself, you need a spindle and a selection of cutters. You will also need a PC, and you have to decide which CAD application you want to use for modeling and which CAM application for converting your models into machine- readable code.
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