Select the appropriate CNC Milling Tools

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-29 10:14

Select the appropriate CNC Milling Tools
 CNC Milling
Various aspects of a milling tool are precisely defined for every type of raw material
and each type of job and are aimed at providing the following:
•Optimal use of the tool
•Maximum lifespan
•High machining speeds
•High general quality and quality of finish in a workpiece
The requirements for hobby and industrial use differ significantly. Industrial users
include tool wear in their costing schemes and generally maximize production
speeds in order to reduce staffing and other costs. In contrast, hobbyists don’t
have to pay rent or staff and generally need to keep overall costs as low as pos-
sible. It therefore makes little sense for most hobbyists to purchase industrial-
grade tools.
The following sections contain calculations involving the parameters listed in
table. Some of these are specified by tool manufacturers, while others have to
be calculated or estimated by the user. The precise meaning of each term is ex-
plained in the course of the text.
CNC Milling