The influence of cutting conditions on CNC turning

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The influence of cutting conditions on CNC turning
 CNC turning
When cutting, the most desired is the short processing time, long tool life and high machining accuracy. For this reason, the material, hardness, shape, state of the workpiece and the performance of the machine tool should be well considered. The tool is then selected for efficient cutting conditions.
cutting speed
The cutting speed has a great influence on the tool life. When cutting speed is increased, the cutting temperature increases, and the tool life is greatly shortened. Machining of different types of hardness of workpiece, cutting speed will vary accordingly, and choose the right tool material is very necessary.
The effect of cutting speed
Cutting speed is increased by 20%, tool life is reduced by 1/2, cutting speed is increased by 50%, tool durability will be reduced to 1/5.
Low speed (20 - 40m/min) cutting is prone to vibration and tool life is shortened.
Feed rate
When turning, the rotation of the workpiece is the feed rate. Milling refers to the milling cutter turning a circle. The movement of the machine tool table is divided by the number of edges, that is, the feed per blade. The roughness of the machined surface is very much related to the feed rate. The feed is usually determined by the requirement of the surface roughness.
CNC turning

The influence of feed
1. the feed rate is small, the flank wear is large, and the tool life is greatly reduced.
2. when the feed rate is large and the cutting temperature is increased, the flank wear is also increased, but the influence of cutting speed on tool life is small.
3. the feed amount is large and the processing efficiency is high.