The Classification of CNC milling Center’s tool magazine

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-12 08:18

The Classification of CNC milling Center’s tool magazine

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The tool magazine system is a device for storing and changing tools in the automatic processing of machining centers, which is mainly composed of a tool magazine and a tool changing mechanism. The tool magazine mainly provides the location of the storage knife, and can locate the tool according to the correct control of the program control, so as to carry out tool exchange. The switch mechanism is the action of cutting tool exchange. The tool bank and the knife exchange mechanism must exist at the same time. The two are complementary and indispensable. According to the capacity and shape of the knife library. And the way to take the knife can be divided into the following:

One. hat tool magazine

the bamboo hat type tool magazine is the most common tool magazine in the numerical control machining center, and the shape of its tool bank is named after a big bucket. The number of general storage knife can not be too much, the 8-24 is the best, with small volume, easy installation, low failure rate and other characteristics, so the vertical machining center is more common. But the time needed for the knife change is about 4S-6S.

Two. Disc tool magazine

Disc tool magazine should be called the fixed address exchange tool library, that is, each knife position is numbered, generally from 1 to 12, 18, 20, 24 and so on, that is the address of the knife number. When the operator installs a cutter into a knife position, no matter how many times the tool is changed, it is always in the cutter position. Disc magazine is usually applied to small vertical integrated processing machines. The total number of tool cutters in the disc magazine is limited. It should not be too much. Generally, the 40# handle is not more than 24, and 50# is not more than 20. The cost of manufacturing is low.

Three. Chain tool magazine

Chain tool magazine in vertical machining center is not long see, generally mainly used in large horizontal machining centers, chain type knife library can store a large number of tools, generally in more than 20, some can be stored to more than 120, he is to be changed by the chain to the designated position, in the The knives are mounted on the spindle by the manipulator.