Mechanical manufacturing process of sleeve parts

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-10 10:32

Mechanical manufacturing process of sleeve parts
 precision machining
In the machine, sleeve-type parts are widely used, and generally play a supporting or guiding role. Sleeve-type parts are mainly subjected to radial or axial forces when working. Because of the different functions, the structure and size are very different, but the common features of the set of components are the simple structure, the main work surface is the internal and external surface with high requirements for shape accuracy and position accuracy, and the wall thickness of the components is relatively Thin, easily deformed in processing, large diameter.
The precision machining of sets of parts mainly considers how to ensure the coaxiality of the inner surface and the outer surface of the inner circle, the perpendicularity of the end surface and its axis, the corresponding dimensional accuracy, and the accuracy of the shape. At the same time, it takes into account the characteristics of the thin and easily deformed process. Therefore, there are two kinds of precision machining processes used for sets of parts.
First, when the inner surface is the most important surface, use preparation materials → heat treatment → coarse inner surface and end surface → rough, precision machining outer surface → heat treatment → scribing (keyway and oil hole) → precision machining inner surface .
The second is when the outer surface is the most important surface, using preparation materials → heat treatment → roughing the outer surface and the end face → coarse, precision machining of the inner surface of the circle → heat treatment → scribing (keyway and oil hole line) → → precision machining of the outer surface .