How to use automatic knife tool when turning parts

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-09 12:05

How to use automatic knife tool when turning parts
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A lot of lathes are equipped with a tool setting device. The use of a tool setting tool can eliminate the errors caused by the measurement and greatly improve the accuracy of the tool setting. Since the use of the tool setting tool can automatically calculate the difference between the tool length and the tool width of each tool, and store it in the system, only the standard tool is needed when processing additional parts, which greatly saves time. It should be noted that the use of the tool setting tool is usually equipped with a standard tool, and when the tool is set, the standard tool is used first.
The LJ-10MC turning center is used as an example to introduce the working principle and usage of the tool setting. The tool tip moves with the tool holder to the tool setting device position detection point that has been set to a good position until the internal circuit is turned on to send an electrical signal (usually we can hear a click and indicator light). When the 2# tool tip touches a point, the X coordinate of the tool point is stored in X of G02 in Fig. 2, and the Z coordinate of the tool point is saved in Z of G02 when the tool tip touches b point. . The knife alignment of other tools operates in the same way.
In fact, in the previous operation, only the zero point of X and the difference between the tool and the standard tool in the X direction and the Z direction are satisfied, and the zero point can be changed again when the workpiece is processed. Since the position of the tool setting tool in the machine coordinate system is always constant, after the workpiece is replaced, it is only necessary to use the standard tool for the Z coordinate origin. When operating, lift the "Z-axis shift measure" surface of the Z axis function measurement button.
Manually move the X and Z axes of the tool holder so that the standard tool approaches the right end face of the workpiece in Z direction. Cut the workpiece end face and press the “POSITION RECORDER” button. The system will automatically record the Z position of the tool cutting point in the workpiece coordinate system. , and add the difference of other tools and standard tool in Z direction to this value to get the Z origin of the corresponding tool. The value is displayed in WORK.