Basic skills of operating CNC milling machine

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-05 14:44

Basic skills of operating CNC milling machine
 CNC Milling
1. Operators should wear tight overalls with tight cuffs; lesbians should wear protective caps; wear protective goggles during high-speed milling; wear masks when milling iron castings; do not wear gloves to prevent hands from rotating when rotating. Between the tool and the workpiece.

2. Before operation, it is necessary to check whether the parts and safety devices of the milling machine are safe and reliable; check whether the safety and reliability of the electrical parts of the equipment are good.

3. When loading or unloading the workpiece, the table should be retracted to a safe position. When tightening the workpiece with a wrench, the milling cutter should be used in the direction of force to prevent the wrench from colliding with the tool or jig.

4.when installing and disassembling cutters, use a special gasket, do not directly hold the cutter by hand.

5. When milling irregular workpieces and holding workpieces with vise, indexing head and special fixtures, the center of gravity of irregular workpieces and vices, indexing heads, special fixtures, etc. should be placed as far as possible on the middle part of the work table to avoid Workbench is uneven and deformed.

6. During rapid or automatic feed milling, the table must not be moved to the extremes to avoid squeezing the screw.

7. When the machine tool is running, it is not allowed to adjust, measure the workpiece and change the lubrication method to prevent the hand from touching the tool and damaging the finger.

8, before the cutter rotation is not completely stopped, you can not brake by hand.

9. Do not remove the chips by hand during milling, and do not blow it with your mouth to prevent the chips from damaging the skin and eyes.

10. When maneuvering quickly, it is necessary to open the clutch on the handle to prevent the handwheel from rotating and hurting people quickly.

11. When the table is reversing, it must first stop the reversing handle in the middle position, and then change direction. No direct reversal is allowed.

12. When milling keyway shafts or cutting thin workpieces, prevent them from being damaged by indexing heads or table surfaces.

13. When milling the plane, it is necessary to use a cutter head with more than four cutter heads to select the proper cutting amount to prevent the machine tool from generating vibration during milling.

14. After work, stop the workbench in the middle position and lift the platform to the lowest position.

15. For CNC vertical milling machine, pre-selection of relevant work programs, spindle speed, tool feed amount, tool movement path and continuous offside position should be performed before work according to the process requirements. Place the electric knob in the “adjusted” position to test the car. After confirming that there are no problems, place the electric knob in the automatic or semi-automatic position for operation.