CNC turning lathe basic knowledge

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-02 08:19

CNC turning lathe basic knowledge
1. The composition of CNC lathe
2. The working principle of CNC lathe
3. CNC lathe main drive system and feed movement
4. Processing range and other devices of CNC lathes
5. The main features of CNC lathes
6. Classification of CNC lathes
7. Layout of CNC lathes
8. Introduction to common CNC systems
CNC turning process
1. Overview of CNC Turning Process
2. CNC machining process documents
3. Development of CNC Turning Process
4. Selection of commonly used tool and cutting amount for CNC lathe
5. Positioning and mounting of workpieces on CNC lathes
6. Analysis of CNC Turning Process of Typical Parts
CNC lathe programming and processing foundation
1. Basic knowledge of CNC lathe programming
2. Coordinate system of CNC lathe
3. CNC lathe programming rules
4. Common terms and instruction codes
5. Format and composition of NC machining program
6. Mathematical calculations in CNC machining
7. Tool compensation function

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