Analysis of CNC Turning Process for CNC Turned Parts

Source:shengfe Date:2018-05-02 08:14

Analysis of CNC Turning Process for CNC Turned Parts
1 Parts drawings
CNC Turned Parts
2 Process analysis
The main processing contents of the part include the processing of rough outer diameter, finish machining, grooving and threading. The reference process is as follows:
(1) Car manufacturing process steps
In the part drawing, the part that needs to be threaded is manually turned by a 2mm cutting tool to a 15mm long process step to provide a reliable mounting reference for the right end of the part.
(2) Right-side machining of parts
1) Because of the coaxiality requirement of the outer circle and the outer circle, when the right end is processed, the two outer circles should be finished in one clamping process.
2) Considering that only the 15mm process step is clamped, the overhanging amount of the workpiece is large, and the phenomenon of “letting a knife” easily occurs. Therefore, a clamping and a top mounting method is used as far as possible.
3) Here the outer contour consists of arcs and conical surfaces. To avoid the occurrence of "undercut" and "overcut" phenomena, the tool tip radius compensation function should be used in the program.
(3) Left-hand part machining
The left end processing is relatively simple. Only the outer circle needs to be clamped, and the cutting and machining of the thread can be performed with a clip-top mounting method.
3 Tool selection
1 choose A type center drill drilling center hole.
2 The outer profile of the rough and finished car and the turning end face are 93° carbide alloy clip-type external cutters (the angle of the tool tip is 35° and the radius of the tip arc is 0.4mm).
3 thread withdrawal slot using 4mm grooving knife processing.
4 Turning thread chooses 60° carbide external thread turning tool.

CNC Turned Parts