How to become a CNC Turning Operator?

Source:admin Date:2018-04-18 10:08

Now days Find a qualified CNC Turning Operator is not easy. How do you know someone can do the job? Delivering consistent product quality when multiple people are involved, often in different locations, is also a big challenge. Experience in operating a CNC does not equate to consistent skills or approaches, which often shows up in higher warranty and repair costs. When combined with the often larger issue of just not enough CNC machine operators to fill open jobs, business suffers.
 CNC Turning
If you want to be a CNC Turning Operator,you must learn these skills.
Cover all of the following key skill areas:
CNC mill, lathe and grinder set-up and operation
Tool identification, set-up, use and maintenance
Machining processes
Statistical process control
Quality and cycle time optimization
CNC program operation
Fixture set-up and operation
CNC troubleshooting and maintenance for operators
Precision measurement & gauging
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To be a CNC Turning Operator.